Who or What is Sig-naTrak?

ACE DCC Controller by Sig-naTrakSig-naTrak is the registered trademark and brand name that GFB Designs use to promote our range of model railway electronics. This includes the DSI1001 IMP Digital Servo Controller, the DPD2001 GEM Digital Point Actuator and our ACE DCC Controller & Command Station featuring a full-colour touch screen (featured right).

Over time we will be unifying all of our products under the Sig-naTrak brand, this includes CML Electronics range. 

Who are GFB Designs?

TrainTronics TT300 DCC Point Motor - developed by GFB DesignsGFB Designs, are an electronics consultancy business, operated since 2005 by Fraser Black, specialising in the model railway market.

Fraser has over 30 years of experience in the professional electronics and software design industries.

Following a number of years designing products for other manufacturers, we now design and manufacture our own model railway products for operation on either Digital Command Control (DCC) or conventional DC ("Analogue") power, placing emphasis upon ease of use for all modellers.


Who are CML Electronics?

In 2016, following the offering of the business for sale by the previous owner, we took over the operation of the successful CML Electronics business and continue to promote and develop the former CML product range alongside our own, but please rest assured that the products will still be of the same high standard and quality you have come to expect from CML in the past.

PLEASE NOTE: During this change-over period, there may be some residual references in articles and product manuals to "CML Electronics Limited" or their contact details, this is to be read as now being "CML Electronics, operated by GFB Designs", with the contact details being as on our Contact Us page.