TXC1 Turntable Controller Index Board

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Product Description

The TXC1 controls turntables from DCC or manual commands. It drives the turntable to a specific track exit, counting the exits automatically: this allows hands-off control. DCC control allows the turntable position to be set from a normal DCC throttle, or by a DTM30 type panel. Computer control systems such as "Traincontroller" can operate the turntable, and display the correct position through a LocoNet interface.

The TXC1 works with Atlas, Hornby and Fleischmann turntables. It can also control the Marklin Z gauge linear traverser.
Hornby and Atlas type turntables need a simple magnet and sensor (supplied) to be mounted to the "Geneva disc" mechanism to sense when it is located at a track exit. Unfortunately, the TXC1 does not work with the PECO turntable.

There are several options for controlling the turntable, and displaying its position:

Product Documentation

File Version: 1.0
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File Version: 1.0
File Size: 386.03 Kb
Conversion of Hornby turntable for use with the Sig-naTrak® TXC1

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