Due to the high demand for the DCS2044 Sig-naTrak® ACE DCC Controller, and a delay in the delivery of some components which has delayed further production, we are currently out of stock of the ACE Controller.

You are still able to purchase the DCS2044 Sig-naTrak® ACE DCC Controller from our retail partners, with Coastal DCC (Ipswich), Digitrains Ltd (Lincoln) and DCC Train Automation (Somerset) all showing as having stock available at the time of writing.

To allow us to keep up with demand, we are shortly moving to sub-contracted production for the ACE, and some of our other products, which will give us more time to continue to develop and enhance not only our existing range of Sig-naTrak products but will also allow us to create exciting new products, not to mention some new options we hope to add to the ACE too.

Please rest assured that the design and manufacture of our products will still be based in the UK, with much of our printing and manufacturing being completed in Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester.


GFB Designs and Digitrains are today pleased to announce that Digitrains now stock the Sig-naTrak® ACE DCC System.

Digitrains are in attendance at all of the larger and many smaller exhibitions throughout the season and have a wide range of controllers from not only Sig-naTrak® but other manufacturers on their stand for you to test and get a feel for at exhibitions and in their showroom in Lincon City Centre.

We have today released the USB Interface Module for the ACE DCC Controller for pre-order from our shop.

It will be available for collection from the Warley Exhibition at the NEC at the end of November, or for those not attending the exhibition, will be posted out on 1st December.

The UBI2044 is used for updating the firmware on the ACE DCC Controller, and it is intended, also to be used for PC Control in the future.

The latest version of the ACE Firmware (v3.20) will also be released at the same time, and this includes the following updates to the ACE software.

  • 16 user assignable function sets, allowing locomotives to have individually named function buttons. This is especially useful for DCC Sound fitted locos.
  • Faster response times to the touch panel and from DRIVER handsets to allow for easier DCC sound control.
  • Factory Reset and Touch Screen Re-calibration functions.
  • Emergency Stop software updates.
  • Internal code structure changes in preparation for LocoNet® and PC control functions.

The UBI2044 USB Interface Module is available to pre-order now from the Sig-naTrak website for only £30.00

DCC Train AutomationGFB Designs and DCC Train Automation are today pleased to announce that DCC Train Automation now stock the Sig-naTrak® ACE DCC System.

DCC Train Automation are also showcasing the ACE at this weekend's Rail-Ex Taunton model railway show.

Well, tonight we have been burning the midnight oil putting the finishing touches to our new printed brochure/catalogue which will be available at the Warley National Exhibition at the NEC in November.

Here's a sneak peek ...

We are pleased to announce that we reduced the price of our RCS0009 from £3.90 to £3.00(ea).

Unfortunately however, due to increases in the cost of components from abroad and the continued fall in value of the pound, we have had to change the prices of our GEM Digital Point Decoder, IMP Digital Servo Controller and Relay Accessory Switch.

To try to combat these price increases, we have also introduced our 6 & 10 Pack price discounts to the Relay Accessory Switch (RAS1202) & Remote Control Micro-Servo (RCS0009), and increased the discounts available with the GEM Digital Point Decoder (DPD2001) and IMP Digital Servo Controller (DSI1001).


We have now updated our shipping module to include International shipping options of Standard (for orders <£100) and Signed For/Tracked (depending on destination) (for for orders <£500) for packages up-to 2kg in weight.

This is a weight and country based system and uses Royal Mail's "World Zones" ("Europe", "World Zone 1" and "World Zone 2") so while it may seem expensive to ship one item, shipping multiple items internationally in one package is substantially cheaper.

We have also now set up the VAT to calculate based on your country, so UK and EU customers will be charged VAT, but non-VAT countries will not. Once you have registered, the prices shown on the shop will also be shown correctly (with or without VAT as appropriate). For more information about the VAT Rate, please "hover" your mouse over the VAT note in the footer at the bottom of every page.


After user feedback and testing, we have now uploaded our PDF user manuals and guides to our website and they no longer use the Scribd interface. Although Scribd did not require a subscription to read any of the free publications (including our manuals), it has not been seen as a popular option with our users and as such, we have listened to you and rolled back to the PDF download option.

All user manuals are available by clicking on the Product Support > Documentation menu link.